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All Categories > Home & Garden > Gardening & Plants > Rare Painted Lady Runner Bean Heirloom Seeds

Rare Painted Lady Runner Bean Heirloom Seeds
User: aoldham
Location: Louisiana, US
Category: Gardening & Plants
Description: Also called York or Lancaster Runner Organic- Species coccineus -The name "Painted Lady" refers to Queen Elizabeth I, who wore rouge and makeup in her day. This is the only runner bean with unique bi-colored blossoms . It is considered an ornamental climber in England because of its rapid growth and its many lovely flowers. It will climb counterclockwise, unlike most climbing beans. Very rare seed. The lovely whitish pink and coral red bi-colored blossoms are so decorative. They are edible as well with a rich "beany" taste if picked small. It has huge long pods which get up over foot long and are filled with very large mottled buff and brown seeds. They have a unique little "hook" on the end of the pod. This is a prime example of an ornamental edible. It was first introduced to England in 1633 by John Tradescant , gardener to Charles I. Described by Arrabida Flora of Rio Janeiro in 1827, and still very rare. It has a Pole Bean running habit. The locals here in Amishland in the early 1800's, used to serve these beans "whittled" into long shreds called in dialect "Schipple", and made them into a pickled form like sauerkraut called "Schipplebuhne". This is open pollinated Heirloom seed from which you can harvest seed for the next year's planting. This is not the sterile hybrid or dangerous genetically modified seed found in most American stores today. 5 fresh organically grown seeds.
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